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Entries under each category run from the oldest at the top, and the newest stories at the bottom of each list.
These lists are updated after every journal entry. If you've not read my work before and don't know where to start, I would suggest Blue Boys (short stories).
I'd stay away from Drown in a Bottle of Keys if you can, it's fucking terrible. I keep it online only for Nina's wonderful comments. If you're looking for journal entries about cake, hobbits, steampunk and life-rants, however, you'll want to head on over to [my blog]

Blue Boys (short stories)
The Peak of his Shiny Cap

A Night With Vesper
Loss of Ignorance
Cannon Fodder
All the Time in the World
Took You Long Enough
The Pianist

Know ye Xanadice?
Irony, Spiridon, Irony.
Mini Stories (TXC)
House Paddling

Froxen Blue Audiobook
Chapter 1 - part one
Chapter 1 - part two

Chapter 2 - part one
Chapter 2 - part two
Chapter 2 - part three

EDEN (short stories)

Lazy Summers
Meet Marek!

Scars in the System

The Jenova Saga (short stories)
Son of a Legend
The Ambivalent Soldier

Look At Me

Fan Fiction: Final Fantasy VII
Increasing the Weeks
The Beginning
Second Coming
An Unfortunate ACT

Green Tinted Window

Pride and Prejudice and Man Love
Character artwork - meme
Beyond the Skystream

Sep. 25th, 2012



I hope your day is wonderful and I wish you all the love in the world. May it be sunny on your side of the island and, if it's not, may you be so happy it shines for the rest of us.



I'd make this picture smaller, but I don't understand LJ anymore.

Concrit wanted please!

Author: Willow
Story: Blue Boys
Title: Kill 'Em Bit By Bit

Rating: PG
Words: 1,113
Challenge: Honey-Nut #28 (only death will cure a fool)
Topping: Whipped Cream
Summary: When Joshua stumbles in, delirious with grief, America sees her chance to bend another lackey into serving her desire for revenge.
Help! If you read this, there are some questions I really want to know the answers to:  Is this excerpt too confusing? If this was the first chapter of a novel, would you want to read more? Is this boring? Is there enough information to spark your interest about the characters? Thank you! I'd love to hear some honest feedback from you guys. There's no community quite like this one.

America curled her fingers around the pepperbox, tempted to smash it down upon her cheap, iron typewriter.Collapse )

House Paddling

Author: Willow
Story: Blue Boys
Title: House Paddling
Rating: G
Words: 502
Challenge: Honey-Nut #7 (the best memory is not so firm as faded ink)
Topping: Whipped Cream
Summary: Holding onto something lost is both painful and soothing. It's only a matter of time before everything fades. Spiridon does his best to ensure that doesn't happen to him.
Lately his grandfather eclipsed the light, his tortoise like features fading into black emptiness.Collapse )

I fail

You're one of my few favourite people. You're zaney, intelligent, kind and creative.
I hope you had a wonderful day doing whatever a Nina does best and that you're
enjoying university. I trust your friends made you plenty of cake. ;-)

Love Willow

Beyond the Skystream

Story: Beyond the Skystream
Rated: T
Words: 3,443
Summary: The last thing Alice expects is to die on her birthday and visit the lights in the sky, but she discovers that the "other side" isn't quite finished yet.
Notes: This story has been sitting in my laptop's hard-drive for almost a year now. I'm rather fond of it and have only really committed myself to it as a novel this year (2011) for NaNoWriMo. I've got the whole thing planned out (kinda) but yesh. It's written for children aged roughly 12+. I hope I've done a good job... This is enjoyable to write as much as it is a challenge.

But she could not breathe and her arms were not working. Everything was black.Collapse )

Second Coming

Game: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Second Coming
Rating: T
Warning: Gore 8/10
Words: 1,200
After a power cut inside the "ShinRa Electric Power Company" Jenova has awakened, and she's pissed.
NotesI've been wanting to write this for a very long time. This is what chex_fics and I thought happened when we first played the game.

She imagined glaring at them, wishing she still had eyes.Collapse )

Character meme - artwork

My friends and I started this in 2009. We were deviantART nutters as kids, only interested in each other's journals, drawing silly pictures of our characters and sharing our stories for the first time. When this character meme came about, we were all adamant that we'd take part. I think I'm the only one, two years later, who has done this much. The meme is no longer relevent on dA. None of us use it any more. However, there are factual character memes going around LJ at the moment so, I decided to answer the final two questions of the dA meme and post here while the fad is going on. I hope you enjoy!

These characters are from my first novel, Scars in the System.
Click to see (debatably) pretty pictures!Collapse )

Drown in a Bottle of Keys

Chapter Twenty
The old team, plus Dangerfield, gathers for Schiller Hunting while in the year 2015 shit is goin' down.

Everyone armed to the teeth, Dangerfield sporting a GP-rifle, Mr. Redgrave said, “Right, well, happy hunting, team!”Collapse )

Drown in a Bottle of Keys

Chapter Nineteen
It's time for Freddy to leave before his relationship with Li-ling becomes unprofessional, but for Mercury, Mrs. Redgrave has other plans.

...men with nothing better to do with their days than hunt, practice sport, go fishing or talk life; but Mercury was not the ideal candidate for her father’s Mr. Darcy. Collapse )

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