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Happy birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, getting older or younger regardless.

The Xanadian Registration Office

Must have:
For those of you who don’t know, I posed ‘the Xanadian Challenge’ on runaway_tales  just before Christmas. To participate in the challenge you will need to read the ‘Xanadian Pamphlets’ and [these two short stories] (written specifically to help with the citizenship test), otherwise you won’t be able to answer the questions on the test. There are two or three questions, however, you will have to guess at!

The Challenge:

+Choose one of your original characters.

+Your character wants to live in Xanadice.

+Answer the questions on the citizenship test, either a tick ‘box’ or fill in.

+Post your answers in the comments of this journal entry, or, email me your answers (please ask for my email), or, save the citizenship test papers and write on them via computer/pencil/however and then email me the edited documents, or, upload your answers to your own journal and post a link to it in the comments.

+Answer the questions as your character would. Are they dippy? Super smart? Would they remember dates? Would they remember names? etc.

+Once you know your result, you write your character’s reactions:
......Oh no, I didn’t get in!
......Wow I love/hate living here in Xanadice!
Do they fit in? Is Xanadice what they expected it to be? Do they get into trouble there? Or, what will they do now they haven’t made it into Xanadice? Try again in two years? Are they upset? Are other people upset for them? etc.

+Post the link to your story in a comment below and I’ll link your stories on the Froxen Blue website! :)

HAVE FUN! Ahem, I mean, the Xanadian Registration Office wishes you a nice day.

The PapersCollapse )

Mini Stories (TXC)

Two short stories to go with the Xanadian Challenge that I've got posed to anyone who wishes to have a go. :D

Main Story: Froxen Blue {Synopsis | Index | audio book}

Story one: Motto
Words: 360

Story two: Good day to you
Words: 290


“Work hard and aim for the top.”Collapse )

Originally posted to runaway_tales
Story: Froxen Blue {
Synopsis | Index}
Title: The Registration System
Rating: G
Challenge: Honey-nut #4 (
Clothes make the man) Chocolate #18 (confinement)
Topping: A Cherry on Top
Would you like to be a Xanadian Citizen? Here’s the basics about our city!

Note: Ah, the things we do when others are asleep. I’m not too sure if there’s a category for this medium, but I couldn’t find one on the RaTs profile page. I hope you enjoy reading this! (And I hope it uploads well).

You: If you have any original characters you would like to write in an AU, I would be happy to try devising registration forms that your character can fill out. Just let me know in the comments and I'll make and post them to my journal! Then, if you reply with the character's answers, the Xanadian Registration Office will promptly respond to let you know if your character has been admitted citizenship. Basically, steampunk-AU your character who is longing for, or is dubious of, a Xanadian citizenship. What happens if they move there? What happens if they are rejected? Bare in mind, it's treason to leave the city without 'papers' and a federal offence to enter uninvited...


Quick! While the officer isn’t looking! Quickly, come closer.Collapse )


Drown in a Bottle of Keys

Chapter Eighteen
Visiting Frederick's past, it is revealed why he was lost for two-hundred years and who is Mary.

Been a bit paranoid that I will lose my work lately, so thought I'd upload this good and quick-like. My computer crashed the other day and I may have had a panic-attack! :D

She gasped and pulled away. “He’s dead,” she whispered. A spear of lightning illuminated Mercury’s face.Collapse )

The Peak of his Shiny Cap

Story: Froxen Blue
Prompt: 'the peak of his shiny cap'
Written in: 30 minutes
Summary: Now that William and Remus have fled the army, they have their own mock-hierachy and are in pursuit of a particular cyborg who they hope can help contirbute to their new society.

"You're a better smuggler than I thought," Remus said, smirking.Collapse )

The Pianist

Originally posted to runaway_tales
Story: Froxen Blue
Title: The Pianist
Rating: PG
Challenge: Honey-nut #24 (Living well is the best revenge.)
Chocolate #25 (inspiration)
Topping: Butterscotch
How Jim came to be Jim.


Lily made her decision – shivering all over. She was doing something wonderfully recalcitrant.Collapse )


Drown in a Bottle of Keys

Chapter Seventeen
Love, Lust, Kung-Fu and Dangerfield.

Chapter SeventeenCollapse )


Took You Long Enough

Originally posted to runaway_tales
Froxen Blue
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Honey-nut #11 (
Faint heart never won fair lady.) Chocolate #4 (frustration)
Topping: Chopped Nuts! (a.k.a. AU)
Summary: After an infuriating mission with Jim, Remus can’t decide if he wants to hit her or kiss her.
Note: These two constantly bicker. It drives everyone insane, even me. Remus definitely loves her but is too afraid to ever say, as Jim most certainly (in cannon) won’t stand for any such nonsense – especially from Remus. It’s taken them long enough, it needed to happen. XD


Heat rushed to Remus’ face and slowly spread down his body.Collapse )


All the Time in the World

Originally posted to runaway_tales
Story: Froxen Blue
Rating: PG

Summary: It’s been five days since they destroyed Xanadice, but at a heavy price, and Remus struggles to pull himself together.

Note: The novel concludes quite ambiguously but I’ve always wanted to write how Remus handles himself after their terrorist attack on Xanadice. I think he suffers the worst  out of everybody left alive. I'll probably write more on him, this is just one aspect of his problems because I never fully explore how he feels about Jim; it's all subtext. NOT ANY MORE MWAHAHAHA - kinda...

...he wished he had his trench coat, but that was gone. She’d been wearing it. Collapse )

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